Justin Jeppesen: 

Boise, Idaho born and raised.

meet the Jeppesen Family!

meet the Jeppesen Family!

Husband and Father

Together, my wife and I have been through many adventures. We married at a young age, she was my strongest supporter during my military days, my greatest advocate and fan of the teams and sports that I coached in Seattle and in Meridian, my best bunkmate as we traveled the world (and continue to do so), and she encouraged me during my undergraduate and law school studies.

I am also a father, and being a father has had a profound impact on my life and it has helped shape every aspect of my life, even my business focus. My professional services focuse on families with young children, primarily because I know firsthand the concerns parents with young children deal with. So, I set out to help those very same people put those concerns to rest and answer their "What-If" questions.


Veteran - U.S. Coast Guard

My first major decision as an adult was to join the United States Coast Guard. During my service, I learned a lot about myself, about others, and how to work with others as both a follower and a leader. The lessons learned were from people who experienced a very different life than I did growing up. For them and their stories, I am grateful.