Justin Jeppesen: What Does Complimentary Consultation Actually Mean?

You can meet with Justin of Jeppesen Law for an initial estate planning consultation, absolutely free.  

This complimentary meeting includes no obligation to hire me to work on your documents.

During your initial meeting, we (you and I) will evaluate your family needs, circumstances, assets, and any other matters that may require special attention.  

We will cover all of your options – everything from a new Simple Will, to a Complex Will (with a Testamentary Trust), to a complete Revocable Living Trust package – and, of course, the costs of each.  

Then we both will decide on whether or not to proceed working together:

(1)   You can take the information shared and give it more thought.  Just know, that no fees will be charged unless and until we decide to work together on creating your custom-drafted plan; or

(2)   If offered, you can hire me to go implement the details of your life, concerns, and answers to questions into the plan that you have determined is right for you.  

In that case, whether you choose a Simple Will, Complex Will, or a Revocable Living Trust, you will know upfront exactly how much the whole process will cost.  

You will also know exactly how long it will take.  And you’ll know exactly which documents will be included.  No surprises.

And, as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are for any reason not fully satisfied, no legal feels will be charged. That is how confident I am that you will come to discover, understand, and appreciate the worthwhile aspect of working with Jeppesen Law in creating your Estate Plan.

Please note that the complimentary consultation does not apply to reviews of Wills or Trusts created by other attorneys, whether in Idaho or in another state.  Reviews of those documents can be arranged for just $250.00. Also, the Satisfaction Guaranty does NOT apply to Probate Clients. There are fixed costs associated with that process. However, the Probate Consultation is still complimentary.