Justin Jeppesen: How Much Does a Will Cost?

Last post covered whether or not you can have multiple valid Wills (as always sometimes yes, sometimes no). This article is going to cover money, as in how much is this going to cost?

I like to be upfront with you on cost. That is because you and I both know I do not work for free.

There is no need to hide from that fact, so I don’t.

I also don’t hide from what I charge (not that others do, but I do not charge by the hour for the vast majority of the work I do). My fees are posted here.

Since I do not charge by the hour for most services, you and I both know exactly what to expect from each other. Pricing is one small area that Jeppesen Law distinguishes itself from other law firms.

To begin with, you and I will sit down for a Free Initial Consultation. During this consultation we will have a discussion to review and analyze your circumstances, family, and assets to help determine the options that are available to you. Then I help you understand the pros and cons of each available option and counsel you on making the appropriate choice for you and your family, including price of each plan.

Then at the end of our estate planning process, that is when your documents are signed, the fees that were agreed to at the beginning are due, and nothing more.

However, your satisfaction is 100 % guaranteed. So, an unhappy you, equals no fees for me. But, that also means no plan for you.

Call Jeppesen Law today for a Free Initial Consultation and the knowledge that your legal fees have been set in advance.