Justin Jeppesen: Finally, a Law Firm with Satisfaction Guaranteed!

A client and his or her attorney should be on the same team. Teammates trust and rely on one another, in the absence of fear, to accomplish a goal. Clients should not fear their attorney in any way.

Unfortunately, many clients feel vulnerable in that relationship.  Financial insecurity is a primary reason behind that vulnerability.  You may fear that the legal fees will more than expected and the results obtained will be less than expected.  

With that potential combination, it’s easy to understand the reason why a client may feel vulnerable when dealing with his or her lawyer.

In estate planning, we need to know what your fear are, or what I call “hurt points,” but that vulnerability is an obstacle to our relationship.  How can I expect you to relax with these fears hanging over your head?

I can’t. And I wouldn’t be able to relax if I were placed in that predicament. So, I have attempted to alleviate this pressure with a simple satisfaction guarantee:  If you’re not totally satisfied with Justin Jeppesen’s Estate Planning services, you will not be charged his legal fees.

With this guarantee, you will only have lost some of your valuable time that was spent in consultations with me. P.S. Those Will and Trust consultations are typically free too, read here.

A second fear, that the results obtained will be less than expected, is also taken care of in advance.  Justin’s Estate Planning practice, including the Probate Process, almost always involves agreeing in advance to what will be done and how much it will cost.  By doing this, there are no unpleasant surprises as we accomplish our goal.  To ensure that I keep the pressure on me, the payment for creating Wills and Trusts is usually not expected until the work is actually done.

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