Justin Jeppesen: How Much Does a Probate Cost?

Often there are feelings of unease or uncertainty concerning Probate. One of the chief concerns is cost.

In Idaho, Probate is relatively inexpensive compared to our neighboring states. However, I would not consider Probate inexpensive.

The price tag associated with Probate hinges on three critical elements; the type and amount of property involved, family relationships, and the Attorney or Law firm you or your family decides to use. 

There is often either a known or unknown element as well. This really depends on the individual, but that is creditor’s claims. Creditor's claims will increase the cost, especially if you intend to dispute them.

If everything works out well, most Probates will run you anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. This often does include the fixed costs of court costs, attorney fees, cost to publish the Notice to Creditors, and recording fees.

Before you begin working with an attorney on a Probate you have been charged with, it is a good idea to ask him or her to give you an estimate of what the total cost, plus fees will be. After asking a number of initial inquires, that attorney should be able to give you an estimate. Better yet, hopefully he or she can offer you a fixed fee plan. This approach encourages efficiency and economy that ultimately works to your benefit.

As a last point, to avoid both the cost and the time delay of probate, a Living Trust or Family Trust is often the best option available.

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