Free Initial Consultation for Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

Have you ever wanted to create a Will or Trust, but the idea of over paying an attorney caused you to shy away?

Well, just know that Justin Jeppesen has been in your position before, so he has taken care of that concern.

Jeppesen has always practiced with fixed fees for all of his Estate Planning services. So, you can come in for a free initial consultation, decide which estate planning route is best for you, and before you leave you will know exactly how much my services are worth. And you don’t pay anything until the very end, after you have signed your finished Estate Planning documents.

Why did I mention that you don’t pay until the very end? That is because Justin Jeppesen offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means, at any point in the planning process, if Justin doesn’t meet or exceed your expectations, you are free to walk away without losing anything, except a little bit of your time.

So, when you think that you should discuss a new or revised Will or Trust, I invite you to relax and take comfort knowing that with Jeppesen Law, you are in control, with me here to serve as an advisor.

Please note that the free consultation does not apply to reviews of Wills or Trusts created by other attorneys, whether in Idaho or in another state.  But reviews of those can be arranged for just $225.00.

Call Jeppesen Law today at (208) 477-1785 or visit the website at 

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