What Does A Will Cost?

An attorney whose practice focuses on Wills and Trusts should be able to tell you how much yours will cost early in the conversation.  If he or she can’t or won’t give you that information early on, that is not a good sign.

Any time I have been the customer on the receiving end of a service, I don’t really care what the hourly rate of the service provider is.  

I just want to know how much the whole job was going to cost.  

And if I couldn’t be given a total, I would get fairly nervous.

Why shouldn’t lawyers operate similarly.  We should be able to ask a series of questions and then give a firm figure to anyone who asks “how much will this cost?”  

Yet almost all lawyers just shrug and tell potential clients how much per hour they charge.  No wonder clients are nervous about the magnitude of their fees becoming a moving target.

Realizing my own consumer desire for knowing what the total cost will be, I began the practice of quoting fixed fees whenever possible.  ***Fees located on the click through link***

Today, almost all of my work is done for a fixed fee that is specified in advance and only changes when the client desires something in addition or something else.

Sometimes jobs take less time than anticipated.  Sometimes more.  But overall, my years of experience result in a minimum of true surprises.

More importantly, the confidence it gives the client going into the relationship is irreplaceable.